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Partner with MSPRM Today and leave your technology support issues to us.

Lets face it, you didn’t get into business to build a computer network, manage data flow, build and manage a website, design, sales and marketing media or, provide tech support for your employees.

With MSPRM you can have an IT and a creative staff for just pennies on the dollar.


Identity Theft Protection

The most powerful, comprehensive identity theft protection. Because your digital and financial identity are at constant risk, you need constant protection.

Identity theft has affected 16.7 million Americans; often with devastating consequences: loss of savings, being charged with a crime you didn’t commit, even being held responsible for fraudulent medical claims

Every Plan package is bundled with $1 MIL of ID Theft Protection underwritten by AIG.



15 Minutes or Less

In today’s connected world, every minute counts. Managing technical services yourself can be time consuming and often frustrating.

With our winning IT solutions, MSP is here to help. We’ll provide you with all the support that you need , giving you have the peace of mind to focus on what you to best! 

Most remote sessions are completed in 15 minutes or less. MSP has you covered!


Spyware is loosely defined as malicious software designed to enter your computer device, gather data about you, and forward it to a third-party without your consent. Spyware can also refer to legitimate software that monitors your data for commercial purposes like advertising. However, malicious spyware is explicitly used to profit from stolen data.

Whether legitimate or based in fraud, spyware’s surveillance activity leaves you open to data breaches and misuse of your private data. Spyware also affects network and device performance, slowing down daily user activities.

Malware is a catch-all term for any type of malicious software designed to harm or exploit any programmable device, service or network. Cybercriminals typically use it to extract data that they can leverage over victims for financial gain. That data can range from financial data, to healthcare records, to personal emails and passwords—the possibilities of what sort of information can be compromised have become endless.

Ransomware is malware that employs encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom. A user or organization’s critical data is encrypted so that they cannot access files, databases, or applications. A ransom is then demanded to provide access. Ransomware is often designed to spread across a network and target database and file servers, and can thus quickly paralyze an entire organization. It is a growing threat, generating billions of dollars in payments to cybercriminals and inflicting significant damage and expenses for businesses and governmental organizations.

Phishing attacks are the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source. It is usually performed through email. The goal is to steal sensitive data like credit card and login information or to install malware on the victim’s machine. Phishing is a common type of cyber attack that everyone should learn about in order to protect themselves.

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